10 Things Parents Forget to Get Before the Baby Arrives

10 Things Parents Forget to Get Before the Baby Arrives

Alright, new parents – as you gear up for the arrival of your little one, let's cut to the chase. Amidst the chaos of baby shopping, some crucial items tend to slip through the cracks. So, before you dive into the cute onesies and adorable blankets, let's talk about 10 things that often get overlooked.

1. Nappy Bin

Sure, you've got nappies covered, but have you thought about where to stash the less pleasant ones? A decent nappy bin will be your odour-banishing hero, ensuring your nursery smells more like baby powder and less like, well, you know.

2. Nursing Bras and Tops

Prioritise comfort! While nursing bras might be on your radar, comfy and practical nursing tops are often forgotten. Trust us, those 2 a.m. feeding sessions will be way smoother with the right attire.

3. Extra Cot Sheets

Spit-ups and leaks are par for the course. Having a couple of spare cot sheets will save you from middle of the night laundry missions and keep your baby snoozing soundly in a clean crib.

4. Baby Nail Clippers

Adorable fingers can double as tiny claws. Invest in baby-friendly nail clippers to keep those little nails neat and baby-safe.

5. Night Light

Whether it's nappy changes or soothing tunes, a night light is a game-changer for late-night baby duties. Plus, it'll save your toes from painful encounters with furniture in the dark.

6. Gentle Washing Powder

Your baby's skin is sensitive, so some parents suggest that opting for a non-bio, fragrance-free washing powder is the way to go. Stock up on detergent that won't irritate that delicate baby skin.

7. First Aid Kit

Be ready for those little emergencies that always catch you off guard - baby thermometer and paracetamol suspension are a must (make sure any medicines are suitable for your baby's age).

8. Bulb Syringe

If you haven't had a baby before, you might not have heard of these odd devices. Babies can't blow their noses, so a bulb syringe is helps with clearing tiny nasal passages. It might not be glamorous, but it's practical.

9. Stroller and Car Seat Accessories

While the stroller and car seat are on your list, don't forget the sunshade, rain cover, coffee cup holder and car seat mirror. These extras make your outings way more comfortable for both you and your little one.

10. Baby Wipes Warmer

OK, maybe not completely essential. But we'd probably cry too at the shock of a cold wipe on the bottom in the middle of the night.

As you prepare for this exciting new chapter, a few items might slip your mind. Take a moment, run through this list, and make sure you're fully prepped for the baby's arrival. A well-stocked and thoughtfully equipped nursery is the key to a smooth transition into this new and joyous phase of your lives. Best of luck!

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